YSK EP 1 - Random World Generator

Download: Random World Generator

Our first EP has been a long time in the making and has been pushed back a few times due to moving houses, dissertations, new jobs and all that jazz, but it’s finally here! It should hopefully be the first of many releases as we’re are definitely trying to make it a regular thing. We have always been keen to showcase producers, MCs, bands, beat makers and general musicians who’s music we love and feel that you should know about! We hand picked all the artists on this EP and they are either up and coming in the scene or have recently become more established.

Thanks from both myself and Tim here at YSK to everyone involved, please spread the word and let us / the artists know what you think. Then most importantly go and check out their music!

For more info on each artist and a track list hop over the jump!

  1. Acre - Slashermovie
  2. My Dry Wet Mess - Cocaine Nights
  3. Grillo - OCV
  4. Bastille - Quick Sharp
  5. The Odd Couple - The Truth (Ghosts of Fireworks Remix)
  6. Annu - Kullecta
  7. Annu - Freeeee
  8. Bonus Beat: The Truth (Ghosts of Fireworks Remix) - The Odd Couple (Instrumental)

Acre is a deep dubstep/electronica producer from Manchester, UK. He has an EP due for release on Saturate Records in the coming months featuring the track ‘I Saw The Crescent' that we featured a few months back.
Twitter: @AcreUK

My Dry Wet Mess is a Barcelona based producer signed to Daedelus’ Magical Properties record label. He has gone from strength to strength this year from dropping his debut album ‘Irrational Alphabet' (one of my favourite albums this year!) to performing at Low End Theory in LA.
Twitter: @MyDryWetMess

Grillo is an Italian electronic hip-hop producer who recently self release his ‘I Had U Ken EP’ a “tribute to the all American awesomeness of Street Fighter’s Ken Masters”. He also featured on Justlikemusic’s Oscillations compilation and dropped his Fireworks LP on Homework Records at the end of 2009.
Twitter: @Grillobeats

Bastille is an insanely talented producer from Cambridge, England. Brought up surrounded by a large variety of music his sound spans multiple genres and styles with quality and perfection. The younger brother of Drum & Bass superstars Logistics and Nu:tone, Bastille is paving his own way into the industry with his own unique style.
Twitter: @bastille_music

Ghosts of Fireworks are based in the South of England making hip-hop influenced electronica music. This year they have been self releasing numerous tracks and EPs from the 52 Ghosts project which I have really enjoyed. The project saw the release of a new track every Thursday and new EP every 4 weeks.
Twitter: @52Ghosts

Annu is a Virginia based hip-hop producer who gained a following through the free release of his Dream Runner EP in early 2009. He further cemented his place in the beat scene with his self released debut LP Def Vibrations at the end of 2009.

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