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YSK on NTS with special guests Fly High Society

Download: YSK on NTS with special guests Fly High Society

Listen: YSK on NTS with special guests Fly High Society

Wow, it was a pretty mad show last week! We were joined by most of the Fly High Society: Bolts, Sertone, Hlmnsra, Tehbis, Iglooghost and also They Call Me Raptor on the mic! There was a nice mix of exclusive new music in both live and Dj sets. Thanks to all the guys for making the effort to come down and join us in Dalston at the studio.

Our next show is 6th of August and we are joined by Ivy Lab (Sabre, Stray, Halogenix) and Nalepa of The Acid / Team Supreme (LA)!

SertOne - RAP


Download: SertOne - RAP

The homie SertOne just released his RAP EP on Cosmonostro. We’ve been fans of SertOne since way back so when we heard he was set to release a remix EP of some of his favourite rap tracks we were all over it. It did not disappoint.

Alternative Link (which may contain a few extra special treats not featured on the official release)

Soosh - Colour is Breathe (Free Remixes)

Download: Soosh - Colour is Breathe (Free Remixes)

It’s safe to say that Colour is Breathe by Soosh was one of the finest releases of the last 12 months. Not only was it a great release, it also had a great set of remixes to go alongside it. Today we are giving away a special set of the remixes for free courtesy of Error Broadcast. The bundle includes 96wrld, Kyson, Synkro, SertOne and The Cyclist. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the original yet or take a listen, I highly recommend you check it!

YSK: Get To Know 01

Download: YSK: Get To Know 01

Get to Know is a new EP series that we here at You’ll Soon Know have started in order to showcase people who’s music we’re really feeling. Each installment will feature an exclusive track from 4-5 musicians, spanning from many genres and backgrounds, basically if we enjoy the music anything goes!

This first EP in the series features tracks from the fantastic SertOne, Lord Boyd, JJ Mumbles and Fancy Mike. For more info about each of the artists involved check out after the jump. Bigup to all of those guys for getting involved!

Young Wonder - Flesh (SertOne Remix)

Download: Young Wonder - Flesh (SertOne Remix) (.mp3)

More free SertOne music for you today, this time he’s remixing electronic pop duo Young Wonder. SertOne is definitely a name to keep a close eye on and once the beat drops on this remix you’ll know why, lovely stuff! If you’ve not checked his previous releases you must be bonkers, also keep your ears open for a track by him on our upcoming EP in the next few weeks.

SertOne - Quesadillas

Download: SertOne - Quesadillas

Didn’t realize this was available yet, but I guess it is seeing as my download just finished! Brand new beats from the SertOne, this time in tribute to Dilla. Ill beats on this one with all donation proceeds going to the J Dilla Foundation, check it.

SertOne - WIDTS

Download: SertOne - WIDTS

This is so freaking dope. Raekwon remix tops it for me, totally killed it - if you don’t know about SertOne, get to know!

This is a collection of tracks made this summer, give or take a few weeks either side. Some of these tracks have been released on compilations, some have been given away for free and others have been played in my live sets during touring. So this is what i did this summer.